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    Mercury Lounge NYC Thursday 25th March 2004

american pastoral

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    Mashomack Estate, Upsate New York, Summer 2003 The slow decay and decline of an agricultural industry - iron twisting and turning, paint peeling wood turning grey, green weeds thrusting through brick stone and concrete, nature taking back control where mans eyes have been averted.

Coney Island Brooklyn NYC

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    The magic of the teeming boardwalk, the flash of light and burn of the sun, tacky signs beckoning you to the screaming thrill of the rides or the fascinating charade of the freak show, and the sour smell of sweat and Nathan's hot dogs. Coney Island July 2003


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November 11, 2003




Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!



great pics, i love belle and sebastian


I Cannot wait to see them on Friday at the Tower!


I Cannot wait to see them on Friday at the Tower!

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